Totally Secure Sales

Meet the Team

Carla Deykin


Carla is a results-driven sales leader with 20 years of experience in retail merchandising, planning, and sales. As the principal of Total Sales Support, she has achieved numerous accomplishments, including helping a small furniture brand increase their sales from less than $1M to over $19M in just four years. Before founding Total Sales Support, Carla was a Director of Merchandising in Home with With a BA from Harvard and an MBA from Dartmouth, Carla brings a unique blend of academic rigor and practical business acumen to her work. Her dedication to delivering exceptional results and passion for helping businesses achieve their goals is evident in every aspect of her work.

Julio Gutierrez

Vice President

Julio Gutierrez is a seasoned retail professional with 10+ years of corporate retail experience and a proven track record of driving top and bottom-line growth. Julio was recognized as Merchant of the Year during his tenure as Merchandising Director at Walmart for his contributions to scaling and driving one of the most profitable businesses at Walmart. With experience in merchandise planning, buying, and vendor negotiations, he has a deep understanding of the industry and knows how to deliver results. Julio is an exceptional leader who energizes his team and develops strong viewpoints to create lasting value. Trust Julio to drive your business forward with his strategic mindset and exceptional leadership skills.

Amanda Koris

Senior Account Manager

Amanda Koris is a driven and results-focused Senior Account Manager with more than 10 years of experience in ecommerce merchandising and retail. She's managed products with an annual sales value of $90M across three major retail sites, including Walmart, and has a track record of success improving sales and inventory performance. With a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickenson University and demonstrated success in trend analysis, negotiation, purchase orders, and sales analysis, Amanda possesses a unique blend of analytical and creative expertise. Trust her to help with your product management, as well as drive growth and profitability to your business.